These are the questions we get most often. If you find your question isn't answered, please get in touch with us.

How many guests may I bring to the meet?

You may bring as many guests as you like. As a reminder, guests are permitted to attend one meet and then they are required to join TCA if they wish to continue attending the York Meet. See your meet notice, page 5 for the guest registration form.

Where can I find information about registering for the meet?

You'll find 99.9% of the answers to your questions in our meet notice. For members click here. For dealers click here.

Why didn't I receive a meet notice?

  • Because you didn't register for at least 1 meet in past year.
  • You recently joined TCA.
  • Postal delivery problems. (Incorrect address) Besides an incorrect address, forwarding has expired or torn mail.

If you did not receive a meet notice, the current Member Meet Notice can be found on our website.

Who should I contact if I can't find the answers to my question in the meet notice??

Visit our Contact Page.

When does the meet start?

Thursday 12 Noon (members only), Friday & Saturday 9 AM. The Orange & Purple Dealer Halls are open to the Public with admission ticket; entrance is located inside the glass doors of the Utz Hall.

How many registered to attend the York Meet?

Visit our Wrap Up page for meet numbers.

Where can I find information about hotels in the York County area?

Visit the York County Visitors Bureau website for a list of hotels in the York area.