Cooper Taney was the BIG winner at Kids Korner.

Kids Korner York is the place to go during Eastern Division’s York Train Meet!

When you come to York ask to go to Kids Korner. It is really a fun spot and just for kids!

What is in Kids Korner, you ask? It is a special place with Trains to touch and play. It’s FREE!! Mom doesn’t have to buy you a ticket or anything. Mom or Dad has to come with you and stay while you play. You just get to have fun. Play with trains. No electricity to figure out. No difficult pieces to connect. No toys you can’t touch. Just play with the trains and toys.

What do I do? I go with my folks to the entrance between the Blue and Silver Halls where the special area is roped off with train banners. I get signed in and enter the train area and WOW trains everywhere. There are chairs outside the play area for my folks to sit and watch. Someone has to stay and watch just me because Ms. Mary is real busy helping everyone play and she wants to be sure I’m safe and happy because my family is there to watch over me.

There are riding trains (Sometimes I have to wait my turn.) I get to be the engineer and drive it on my own trip.

On the floor is a green wooden layout with windup trains to operate. Nearby is a big bucket of chalk, you can use to draw towns with people and houses on the layout. There are extra cars to put on the track, couple up, push around and see how they roll. You can put together the kind of train you want.

On the carpet we can play with the push trains. Some have bells and whistles. There are train toys everywhere. My folks get to watch from outside MY special area. Ms. Mary is there to help. She gives us pictures to color and treats like animal crackers and special gifts to bring home so we can remember the special time we had at York.

What a great place to play trains at York!

Children are invited to play trains and enjoy the fun. We have door prizes and gift bads for all children signing into the play area.

For questions, please email Ms. Mary.

All children must be accompanied by an adult and the adult must stay in the Kids Korner area while the child is playing inside the curtained area.

Note: This is not a babysitting service.

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