Bring A Layout To York

Eastern TCA welcomes the clubs noted below to the York Train Show! These clubs haul their module layouts, set up, and run trains to delight train lovers of all ages.

Eastern Division's Meet Chairman Mike Petronella is always on the look out for ambitious clubs willing to bring their portable layout to the York Meet to the delight of all our members with their imagination, talent and of course the running of trains.

If you know of a train club interested in participating at one of our upcoming meets, please contact Mike for the details at Meet Chairman or by phone at 732-547-8818.

The York Train Meet is a great place to get ideas for your layout and see what others are doing!
The York Train Meet is a great place to get ideas for your layout and see what others are doing!

National Capital Trackers

You don't want to miss this amazing layout. The National Capital Trackers are bringing their redesigned "bigger" & "better" modular layout to the Black Hall. This 28'x117' 'O' gauge layout will completely fill the Black Hall.

Wash. & Old Dominion S Gauge

The Washington & Old Dominion 'S' Gauger's 26x45 foot 'S' Gauge operating layout from Warrington, Virginia.

Lower Susquehanna Valley

The Lower Susquehanna Valley Modular Railroaders of Lancaster, Penna. shared their incredibly detailed layout measuring 30x45 feet. Their animated modules brought smiles to everyones face. See more on their website.

Lebanon Valley Railroad Club

The Lebanon Valley Railroad Club of Lebanon, Penna. set up their amazing 30x30 foot operating layout displaying 'N', 'HO', 'O' & Standard Gauge trains.

North Penn 'S' Gauge Club

The North Penn 'S' Club from Landsdale, Penna. displayed two 'S' Gauge operating layouts stretching 30'x26' featuring (3/16″=1′) trains, scale, high rail, and narrow gauge.

East Penn TractionTrolley Club

The York Meet welcomes the East Penn Traction Trolley automated 20' layout. The East Penn Traction Club, Inc. (a nonprofit Pennsylvania corporation) is a group based in the Philadelphia Delaware Valley, USA, with over 300 members from the local area and around the country. Members share a common interest in the history and modeling of electric powered rail transit vehicles, known more affectionately as trolley cars. View more on their website.

Kids Run Trains Club

The White Hall welcomed the Kids Run Trains Club from Chesapeake, Virginia. Their 22 x 50 operating 'O' gauge layout is run totally by the "kids". For more information about the Kids Run Trains Club, visit their Facebook page.