President’s Message

As our April York show approaches I wish to inform our TCA members that preparations for the show are proceeding smoothly at this time. In February we lost a key component of our York team when our Registrar, Nancy Tenzeras, had to leave the team due to personal health concerns. We are all hoping for a successful and speedy recovery and look forward to having Nancy and Nicholas back with us soon. In the meantime we have the good fortune to have Debbie Geiser and Diana Hood step in and take over the Registrar’s functions. We all know Debbie from her previous time as our Registrar and I am sure that Debbie and Diana will be up to the task and do a great job taking care of the members’ and dealers’ registrations.

In addition to this personnel change the Board of Directors has elected to cut back our closing time in the dealer halls on Saturday from 4:00 to 3:00. Hopefully this time change will work out better for our dealers without impacting our shopping public. Yes, our dealer halls will still be open to the public from Friday at 9:00AM to Saturday at 3:00PM. The change to allow public attendance to our show, in effect for one year now, has been accepted well and we have noticed many families with young children attending the show. Also, quite a few of these public attendees have stopped by the National TCA booth in the orange hall and elected to join our TCA.

The York train show always has been a strong recruiting tool for the TCA and we hope it continues to draw new people to our great hobby. So please spread the word to family and friends about York and remember you can bring in as many guests as you want to enjoy the full benefits of the show for a one-time visit. Please visit our website: for more information about the York experience. And if you come to York be sure to allow time to visit our National Toy Train Museum in Strasburg, PA to get more enjoyment of being a TCA member.

In closing I would like to express our sincere appreciation to a good friend, Clem Clement, who is retiring after 20 years as editor of “Clem’s Primer” a must read for all York attendees. During his time as creator and writer of this essay describing all that York has to offer Clem has unfailingly promoted the “York experience” to all and I am sure won over many converts to attend our premier event. In Clem’s place Carol McGinnis will be taking over to continue updating all on the happenings at York.

See you all in York
Safe travels,

John Zobel
President Eastern Division TCA

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